Friday, July 9, 2010


My apologies to all my readers for not being as 'punctual' as I should. A heartfelt apology to Mrs Mason for not giving an update on all the happenings within the club.

In our attempt to be strong in every division we welcomed some very talented juveniles, namely Fabian Leon,Rosette Hoyte,Brendon Hoyte,Toriann Alleyne,Tatiana Carmichael,Obi Yearwood,Tyrese Beckles,Kiara Maynard,the Lovell brothers Nathan and Josiah,Aquan Bourne and was blessed with the younger Mason boy in Jevaun finally deciding that he was ready to take the sport seriously.

These talented youngsters allowed us to be extremely competitive in the Under 9, Under 11 and the Under 13 divisons and gave us hope for the future.

Good luck to my 'children' and see y'all in 2011,God willing!!